3 Days tours Danakil " Another planet "


Danakil Desert,Dallol Salphur spring, Lake Assale Salt Bar


3 days

Starting from 400 $


Experience one of the geologically most active areas on the planet and some of the most awe-inspiring landscapes the Danakil Depression tour has undoubtedly the most spectacular landscapes in Ethiopia. This depression has its origin in the rifting process which formed the Red Sea and the African Rift Valley. It contains the only permanently active volcano in the world, the Erta Ale.Travelling through this volcanic area means immersing yourself in another planet, walking around salt lakes and sulphur formations. If you are a real adventurer and do not mind high temperatures (50-60ºC /122-140ºF), this is your ideal destination. You will be charmed by the long camel caravans transporting salt bars to the highlands and by the proud and nomadic Afar tribe since Biblical times. This trekking and nature tour includes a hike near the Erta Ale mvolcano and a visit to the colourful formations of Dallol, the deepest part of the Danakil Depression.


DAY 1 - fly Addis to mekele and drive to Hamdela, Beginning the tour to Danakil Desert

In the morning drive to Hamedela and Picnic lunch at Berhale where we arrange the permits and police escort. Late afternoon start walking to Erta ale. Around 5 pm 3 hours’ trek climb to Erta Ale volcano and overnight on the top of the mountain. Erta Ale is 613 meters tall, with a lava lake one of only five in the world at the summit. It is notable for being the longest existing lava lake present since the early years of the twentieth century. Accommodation- Camping

DAY 2 - Dallol Salphur spring, Lake Assale Salt Bar and camel caravans.

Excursion to Dallol (116 meter below sea level, one of the lowest places in the world) colorful salts mining, visit Lake Assale, follow up camel caravans and walk with the Afar and people from highland, the traditional way of extracting Salt bar which once used as local currency, packing on the Camel. You will see how they prepare their traditional bread, how they travel, communicate & more. It is another unique experience. Accommodation: Camping

DAY 3 - Drive back to – Mekele.

Drive back to Mekele via the town of Berhale in the River Ascend all way to the Tigrian highland with the camel caravans and stop for photo over the depression after visit drive back to Mekele for overnight hotel.

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