2 days tour -Lalibela wonders of the world - Journey into the Past


Northern Ethiopia


2 days

Starting from 400 $


Lalibela is a history and mystery frozen in stone, its soul alive with the rites and awe of Christianity at its most ancient and unbending. No matter what you’ve heard about Lalibela, no matter how many pictures you’ve seen of its breathtaking rock-hewn churches, nothing can prepare you for the reality of seeing it for yourself. It’s not only a World Heritage site, but truly a world wonder. The 11 churches, each carved from a single, gigantic, block of stone. No bricks, no mortar, no concrete, no lumber, just rock sculpted into architecture.


DAY 1 - In the morning, take the flight to Lalibela begin to explore

 In the morning, take the flight to Lalibela begin to explore the remarkable 11 rock-hewn churches of lalibela Considered as one of the eight wonders of the world you will be visiting the Northwestern Cluster of churches - Bet Medhane Alem, Bet Maryam, Bet Meskel, Bet Danaghel, Bet Mikael & Bet Golgotha.   

DAY 2 - Asheten monastry & lalibela

Drive to asheten monastry and 15 minute trek the monastery is situated at 3150m. The church treasures parchment old books, icons and crosses. It is believed that it is the first work of King Lalibela, Standing there you have panoramic views of mountains in all directions Asheten Maryam is carved out of into a cliff face.

Then drive  back to lalibela, after lunch, continue to visit the Southeastern Cluster of Lalibela churches – Bet Gabriel-Rufael, Bet Merkorios, Bet Lehem (Bethlehem Hebrew: בֵּית לֶחֶם House of Holy Bread) Bet Amanual, and Bet Abba Libanos. Finally, visit the most famous of all the churches – Bet Giyorgis, a huge monolithic in the shape of a cross, and constructed in honor of St. George, the patron saint of Ethiopia.

Note that :

if you are here on Saturday you will be able to see Sunday morning service even if you are not a diligent churchgoer, you should still attend one of the Sunday morning  masses enjoy the rhythms, prayers and the heavenly scent of frankincense. Sunday morning  service is very unique priests & worshipers gather at the churches for prayers you will understand the churches are not a pieces of museum rather active shrines that had been in constant use for a thousand year.

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