12 days

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The North Classic Tour is usually an itinerary of 6 to 12 days. It can be combined with other tour packages.


DAY 1 - Drive to Bahir Dar

Drive to Bahir Dar and visit to the Debre Libanos monastery and the Portuguese Bridge on the way. Overnight in Bahir Dar (hotel)

DAY 2 - Bahir Dar and take

Visit the local market in Bahir Dar and take a boat trip on the Lake Tana to visit the monasteries of the Zege Peninsula. In the afternoon, drive to the Blue Nile Falls for a hike in the surroundings. Overnight in Bahir Dar (hotel)

DAY 3 - Drive to Gondar

Drive to Gondar and visit the UNESCO Royal Enclosure, a group of castles from the 17th century. In the afternoon, visit the DebreBirhan Selassie church and the Fasilide’s pool area. Overnight in Gondar (hotel)

DAY 4 - Drive to the Simien Mountains National Park

Drive to the Simien Mountains National Park for trekking with overnight at the Simien Lodge or camping

DAY 5 - Drive to Axum through the Tekeze Valley

Drive to Axum through the Tekeze Valley, home of the ancient Axumite Empire, the Queen of Sheba and the Ark of the Covenant. Overnight in Axum (hotel)

DAY 6 - City tour in Axum

City tour in Axum with visits to the Archeological Museum, the tombs, the stelae field and the Maryam Zion church. Overnight in Axum (hotel)

DAY 7 - Historic Adwa battlefield

Drive through the historic Adwa battlefield where the victory over the Italians took place in 1895 and visit the rock-hewn churches of Tigray on the way. Overnight in Hawzien (hotel or lodge)

DAY 8 - Drive to Mekele

Visit more of Tigray’s rock-hewn churches and drive to Mekele. Overnight in Mekele (hotel)

DAY 9 - Driving to Lalibela

Embark on a full day of driving to Lalibela starting early in the morning, passing through the small villages to witness the countryside lifestyles of the Tigray region. Overnight in Lalibela (hotel)

DAY 10 - Visit the stunning rock-hewn churches of Lalibela

Visit the stunning rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Overnight in Lalibela (hotel)

DAY 11 - Drive to Asheton Mountain

Drive to Asheton Mountain and visit a 13th century rock-hewn monastery and drive to YemherhannaKristos, a rock-caved church located 42 km away Lalibela. Overnight in Lalibela (hotel)

DAY 12 - Fly to Addis Ababa

Fly to Addis Ababa with time to do some souvenir shopping or sightseeing. In the evening, farewell dinner at a traditional restaurant with local dancers and musicians representing some of the country’s ethnic groups. Transfer to airport for departure. End of the tour.

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